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Looks Like Love

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Dwight Phetteplace
Dwight Phetteplace


Looks Like Love Tiny fingers clutched the quilt, as Jenny curled down Into the sounds among the patchwork squares The breathing in the blanket, heartbeat from the pillow Voices rising up the stairs Dad was mad again, Jenny never knew why He'd only get madder when Momma would cry Later Jenny'd cling to Momma in a trembling lullabye But it looked like love to her. CHORUS: IT looks like love We?re so quick to dance when we know the steps It?s the same sad song But it looks like love Jenny grew up playing careful between the narrow rows Keep everybody happy when you can She always had the patience to heal a wounded bird, Even when it turned and snapped her hand. One of those wounded birds was Mike At the high school dance he held a little too tight But their ragged edges seemed to fit together so right And it looked like love to her. CHORUS: BRIDGE We're so quick to dance when we know the steps Like a bird that sings from a rotten fence It's a place to land, and it's one good chance To escape the wind above. So like the bird we just sit and sing Threading endless beads on unknotted string If the stringing and the singing are our one sure thing Then it?ll look like love Now Jenny stitches squares together where time has torn the quilt, She sews a perfect line with shaking hands, There are some wounded wings her patience could not mend Mike will come in drunk tonight again. She holds the faded fabric between the tears If she tries a little harder she can make the repairs But little eyes are watching from the bottom of the stairs And it looks like love to them CHORUS: Tiny fingers clutch the quilt; a little girl curls Into the sounds among the patchwork squares D Phetteplace 1996